I specialize in understanding a client’s unique circumstance and applying simple proven management concepts to enhance client satisfaction, sales effectiveness, pricing and margins, employee productivity, financial stability, strategic focus, and risk mitigation.

Ideal Client

I work best with small business owners who are very good at the technical aspects of their work, believe their business can be more profitable, want to become a better manager, and are willing to accept help from someone who has taken the time to earn their trust.

Value Proposition

I help smart business identify and capture profit opportunities they may be missing. On average, my clients increase profitability $10 for every $1 they spend on my services. In addition, business owners often find a measure of freedom from the day to day responsibilities that tend to dictate their priorities.


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Why I Do What I Do

I started coaching business owners in 2005 out of a desire to serve others by sharing the lessons learned over a 30-year career in business. Basic business and management concepts have been renamed and repackaged over the years, but those that work remain essentially unchanged. I help clients understand and apply proven concepts to create lasting results. It excites me when a client gains greater satisfaction from their work. It is especially gratifying when the fruits of my labor ripple out to impact employees, family, and community in a positive way.

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