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I specialize in long-term strategic marketing, planning, and carefully carrying out plans into branding, production, placement, and analysis. I am always focused on monitoring our clients' Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI)

Ideal Client

I work best with small business owners who have a few years under their belt. When forming partnerships, it is important to me to work with people who demonstrate integrity and humility.

Value Proposition

I help smart business leaders increase their profits by executing smart marketing strategies.

Why I Do What I Do
I founded Complete Media in 2001 as a compelling urge to combine my love for both business and art. With a background in graphic arts, music history and theory, video production, and broadcast communication my experience managing integrated media campaigns enables me to serve as an objective in-house advisor for our clients. I turned the traditional agency approach upside down. No up front deposits, no hourly billing, no long-term contracts, and no smoke and mirrors.  Just real world strategies that work for real world businesses with real world budgets. 

I create long-term plans with a guaranteed return. I don't stop working for my clients until they get a positive return on what they invest in marketing. Most of my clients get overwhelmed by marketing, have no idea if their marketing is working for them, and just want to focus on being good at what they do. I solve that for them. My work has brought me several national awards, and I have completed work for 1,000+ local and national clients.

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sioux falls business consultant matt luke